Tube Buddy Review: How I Used TubeBuddy to Earn a Full-time Income


In this Tube Buddy Review, I am going to show you how I was able to earn a full-time income by using TubeBuddy to optimize my YouTube videos.

The role of a YouTube content creator is not an easy one. To compete with the large YouTube channels, you will need all the help you can get.

In this TubeBuddy review, we will explore how much TubeBuddy costs and what features it offers.

Additionally, I will show you how I used TubeBuddy to create a full-time income.

Is TubeBuddy free?

Yes, Tubebuddy has a free plan, but it is limited. The free plan is a great way to get started because it gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the software.

To earn money from our videos, we need as much data as possible, so I recommend upgrading to the Star or Legend version.

Is TubeBuddy worth the money?

Tubebuddy is not only worth the money, but it has already paid for itself many times over. I recommend that you always use TubeBuddy to optimize all of your new videos.

how much is tube buddyWhen I started my channel, I only had about 17 random subscribers. As I write this post, I am currently at 8,203 subscribers.

The niche in which I wrote tutorials wasn’t very large, but it was one I was very familiar with.

It wasn’t a niche with millions of subscribers, but Tubebuddy made it easy for me to optimize my videos for that particular area.

Keywords are not a new concept to me, however Youtube is another animal altogether. When it comes to YouTube algorithms, there are a variety of factors that come into play.

To create a successful YouTube channel, you not only want to rank on YouTube, but you want your videos to rank on top of Google as well.

It took me about three months to get my first 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours. Once I was allowed to apply for monetization, I was able to reach a full-time income by my 4th month.

Tube Buddy ReviewAs you can see, I only made $127.16 in my first month ( 15 days ) of monetization. I was a little discouraged but kept posting a weekly video and optimizing all my videos with Tubebuddy.

On my second full month, I hit $667.37, followed by $1,033.32 the month after. After my 3rd full month, I hit $3,484.37 just from YouTube ad monetization.

YouTube payment schedule.

0 views on youtubeYouTube monetization pays its content creators monthly, usually on the 21st of each month. You will receive payment for the previous month between the 21st – 26th of the following month.

How can I make more money with Tubebuddy?

How can I make more money with TubeBuddyYou can make more money simply by optimizing your YouTube videos. The more keywords you rank for, the more views you get, which in turn leads to more money.

A video’s primary objective is to reach as many people as possible. Advertisers want their advertisements to appear in front of as many people as possible. It’s a win-win for everyone if the video is optimized correctly.

What is TubeBuddy used for?

Tubebuddy is a software with a suite of YouTube SEO tools created to help with YouTube SEO. It is browser-based and will sync up with your YouTube Account.

What is TubeBuddy used forTubeBuddy can help you with things like video SEO and annotations. If you want to improve your YouTube channel, it’s worth checking out!

TubeBuddy is a powerful browser extension that helps content creators optimize their YouTube videos for better performance.

The YouTube algorithm is constantly evolving, always changing. A ranking factor that helped a video rank a few months ago may not work today.

What is YouTube SEO?

What is YouTube SEOYouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos so that they rank higher in YouTube’s search results. Essentially, the goal of YouTube SEO is to get your videos to rank as high as possible in YouTube’s search results.

Several factors can influence your video’s ranking in YouTube’s search results.

These include:

– The title of your video

– The tags you use

– The description of your video

– The thumbnail image for your new video

– The number of views, likes, and comments your video has

– The number of subscribers you have

– Your video’s overall engagement

Using YouTube SEO tools to optimize your videos for YouTube SEO, you can increase the visibility of your videos and get more views.

How to use TubeBuddy to find keywords

If your videos don’t appear on the first page of a Youtube search, it will be tough to get views. Tubebuddy’s keyword research tool is the best YouTube SEO software. One of the key features is keyword explorer.

The keyword research tool in TubeBuddy also allows you to add keywords to your YouTube page with suggested tags.

In the image below, I will show you how to find the best keywords for your YouTube Video with just a few clicks.

Tubebuddy keyword explorer

As you type in keywords, the keyword explorer will start to auto-populate with the top keywords that people are using. These keywords are usually easier to rank for and words we would have never guessed people are searching for.

I will show you what happens once you click on a related search keyword in the following image.

Tubebuddy keyword explorer toolI only got a 38/100 fair rating with the original keyword, so I clicked on the related search” how to blog for beginners in 2022.” As you can see, not only does the related keyword have more search volume, it also has an excellent ranking with twice as easy to rank.

Tubebuddy recommended keywordIf you look at the green circles on the right, you will see that there is only one video out of the top twenty with those keywords in the title. Not only how much money do you make on YouTubethat, only one of the videos is new; YouTube loves fresh content.

Using the keyword word tool, I created a video that has made me over $5,500 and counting. I earned this from a keyword I would have never targeted, and it’s insane.

Once you have these keywords and data, you need to input these keywords into your video titles and description. Make sure to name your video with your primary keyword before uploading it.

Once you have added your main keyword, you will need to add some of the related keywords you got from TubeBuddy.

On the right, you will see recommendations labeled” Best Practices.” It is always a good practice to follow each one of those steps.

How can I spy on YouTube competitors using Tubebuddy?

YouTube creators are very savvy when it comes to YouTube algorithms, so you have to optimize all your videos.

How can I spy on YouTube competitors using TubeBuddyTubebuddy is a great tool that lets you see your competitors’ actions on YouTube. You can see the keywords they are targeting, the type of videos they are creating, and how often they upload new content.

This information can be valuable when trying to create a successful YouTube channel. If you know what your competitors are doing, you can do it better!

It can also help with creating transcripts and managing your channel’s tags. Whether you’re just starting on YouTube or a seasoned pro, TubeBuddy is an excellent tool in your arsenal.

If you want to improve your YouTube channel, TubeBuddy is worth checking out!

It’s a powerful browser extension that can help with video SEO and annotations. If you’re starting out on YouTube or a seasoned pro, TubeBuddy is an excellent tool in your arsenal.

TubeBuddy can help you with things like video SEO and annotations. If you want to improve your YouTube channel, it’s worth checking out!

How can I get more watch time with Tubebuddy?

How can I get more watch time with Tubebuddy?Tubebuddy shows you the best time to publish your videos.

You can also use Tubebuddy to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting.

Tubebuddy can be used to find out what type of videos your competitors are creating.

Lastly, Tubebuddy can even help you to create transcripts for your videos.

These things will help you get more watch time on your YouTube videos.

How to find video tags on TubeBuddy

How to find video tags on TubeBuddy

Once your videos are uploaded, it’s time to add your video tags. TubeBuddy makes this easy.

As you scroll down, TubeBuddy will show you “Suggested Tags” for you to add to your video. YouTube says that tags play no role in ranking, and I believe them, but as you can see, my tags rank at the top among videos that have been on YouTube for years.

TubeBuddy Suggested tags

Maximizing your tags on every video you create is always a good practice. When creating a new video, add as many of these Suggested Tags as YouTube allows.

How to add chapters to YouTube video

How to add chapters to YouTube video

The next thing you need to do is add chapters to your video; Google loves this. If you see videos at the top of Google, you will notice that they have chapters that viewers can use to skip to the part of the video they are interested in.

how to add chapters to a YouTube video

I always recommend that you add chapters to all your videos, especially if you want your video to rank on Google for that specific keyword. Sometimes people are specific with their search, having chapters will put you at the forefront of their search.

It is a great feeling to find the answer you need without having to watch the whole video, and Google loves this.

How to create a youtube thumbnail

Once you have created chapters of key moments in your video, move on to create a thumbnail. Thumbnails play a crucial role on youtube, and they are like salespeople between your videos and the YouTube audience. You have to convince viewers to click on your video over other videos.

I leave nothing to chance regarding Youtube thumbnails, so I use Canva Pro to create my video thumbnails. You can use the Tubebuddy thumbnail generator, but Canva has a ton more features.

You must also add your main keyword to your thumbnail, so save it as your primary keyword.

Once I have created my thumbnail, I open the Tubebuddy thumbnail generator to compare my thumbnail to the other. Always make sure your thumbnail stands out from other videos. It needs to convince people to click on it.

Click on “create thumbnail,” and it will take you to a page that looks like this.

how to create a YouTube thumbnail

Follow the steps, and once you get to the third step it will show you what your thumbnail looks like among others.

Tubebuddy thumbnail generator 2

After you finish the thumbnail, it’s time to move on with the description. When you fill out the description, ensure that you add your main keyword in the first sentence, then add related keywords afterward.

Don’t be afraid to add a long description; more is better. Don’t just add the keywords; make sure the description is readable and makes sense.

Now that I have given you my blueprint for ranking with Tubebuddy, I will go into other features. I don’t want to turn this review into a tutorial, so I’ll make a video.

How much does TubeBuddy cost?

Aside from the free plan, Tubebuddy has three different pricing tiers called the “Pro,” “Star,” and “Legend.” The tier I use personally is the Legend, but you may not need that tier starting.

A/B Testing is a game-changer. It allows you to test multiple video versions to see which gets the highest click-through rate. The “Star and “Legend” tiers share many of the same features, but the Legend has A/B split testing.

The “Legend” allows you to edit multiple videos with bulk processing tools. TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools will save you valuable time by helping you edit your videos simultaneously.

The chart below shows the yearly pricing, but I am going to give you a TubeBuddy coupon code that will give you the same 20% discount for the monthly.

How much does tubebuddy cost

TubeBuddy coupon code

TubeBuddy coupon code - TubeBuddy discount code

How to use TubeBuddy to get more views

If you want more views on your YouTube videos, Tubebuddy is a great tool to help you with that. By understanding what time of day gets the most views, you can ensure that your videos are being seen by who is most likely to watch them.

TubeBuddy offers over 65 features that can increase your videos’ rating in the YouTube algorithm.

TubeBuddy best time to publish

Tubebuddy is a browser extension that allows you to see information about your YouTube channel that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. This feature includes what time of day gets the most views, what countries your viewers are from, and what keywords people use to find your videos.

You can use this information to help you determine the best time to publish your videos. For example, if you notice that most of your views come from the United States, you might want to consider publishing your videos when people in the US are most likely to be online.

If you’re unsure what time to publish your videos, you can use TubeBuddy’s “Publish Time Optimizer” tool to help you figure out the best time to publish. It’s another one of many great TubeBuddy Features that I love.

Yes, TubeBuddy is safe for YouTube. TubeBuddy is a YouTube extension and browser plugin that helps content creators optimize their channels and videos.

With over a million installs, it is one of the most popular tools used by YouTubers. TubeBuddy runs on your browser, so there is nothing to download.

List of TubeBuddy Features

– Provides in-depth analysis of YouTube channels

– Gives users the ability to track their progress and growth

– Offers a variety of tools to help users optimize their YouTube videos

– Helps users grow their YouTube channels through targeted keywords and tags

– Enables users to connect with other YouTube creators

– Allows users to create custom thumbnails for their videos

– Provides users with access to exclusive discounts and deals on YouTube products and services.

– Create End Screen Templates

– Upload Checklist

– And much more!

TubeBuddy also adds many features to YouTube Studio so you can easily edit new videos.

The software integrates inside your existing YouTube dashboard to show you a snapshot of your YouTube channel statistics. It also shows you the keywords of your channel and allows you to copy them so that you can paste them into your videos.

I just used a YouTube thumbnail template from Canva to save time, but make sure yours stand out from the rest.

How to use the Video Topic Planner

The Video Topic Planners is one of my favorite TubeBuddy features. It allows you to quickly and easily develop new video ideas.

You can use this feature to find popular topics that people are searching for on YouTube. You can also use it to find video ideas related to your niche.

To use the Video Topic Planner, enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar. Tubebuddy will show you a list of popular topics related to your keyword.

You can also use the Video Topic Planner to find trending video ideas on YouTube. To do this, click on the “Trending” tab, and Tubebuddy will show you a list of popular videos that are currently trending.

Once you’ve found a topic you want to make a video about, click the “Create Video” button, and Tubebuddy will take you to the video editor.

Do I think TubeBuddy is worth the price?

Yes, I do. It has made me thousands of dollars and has grown my YouTube Channel to over 8,000 subscribers and counting.

I highly recommend using TubeBuddy if you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel quickly and efficiently.